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Founded in 2017, Alrais Egypt has become the preferred export partner who are seeking quality, authentic Egyptian products.

about company

Recognized for commitment to innovation & streamlined collaborations

Alrais Egypt is your trusted gateway to authentic Egyptian products. We’re a dedicated Egyptian export arm of the renowned Alrais Enterprises Group, a powerhouse established in 1997.

This dynamic group has evolved into a major force spanning diverse industries, including hotels, real estate, restaurants, travel, trading, Airport Concierge Services, and Alrais Egypt. Their commitment to Emirati innovation continuous growth, and nation-building fuels our success.

core offerings

Authentic Egyptian products on the global scale

BBQ & Grilling Supplies

We offer premium charcoal known for its smoky allure. Our products are ready to contract and export.

Consumer Goods

A variety of essential and fixed oils, catering to personal care needs with purity and premium quality.

Food & Agriculture

From the vibrant flavors of processed foods like olive oil and pickles to the natural essence of herbal extracts.

Processed Foods

A diverse assortment of herbs, seeds, spices, and dehydrated vegetables, each sourced to ensure it embodies the rich tradition of Egypt.

Fresh Products

An unmatched selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, exemplifying the country’s agricultural bounty.

Unique Selling Points

Why choose Alrais Egypt over other competitors?

Alrais Egypt's mission is to elevate Authentic Egyptian products on the global stage. We provide a direct supply to our Egyptian finest offerings, ensuring quality across a diverse range of goods.


Offering competitive pricing through streamlined supply chain processes.

Quality & Reliability Focus

Our expertise ensures reliable, consistent products whether you seek premium products of standard specifications.

Customer-Centric Service

Tailors services to meet individual client requirements, ensuring satisfaction.


Pioneers in adopting innovative solutions to enhance delivery efficiency.

Advantages & Values

Collaboration, Innovation, & Accountability

Industry Experiences

Unmatched industry experience in the global import and export combined with in-depth of product knowledge.

In-House Team

Our dedicated team is driven by results, ensuring seamless compliance and providing tailored solutions.

Markets Worldwide

Extensive customers in global markets, navigating diverse regulations with advanced local expertise.


Streamlined manufacturers & logistics solutions ensuring optimal efficiency to your products.

Let us be your
regional trusted partner

We are your proactive export partners, driven by transparency and a relentless focus on delivering results. Our value-added services empower you to make data-driven decisions and maximize your global potential.


Welcome to Alrais Egypt.

Your single point of contact for Egyptian products


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